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Here at Image Travel, our team are dedicated to providing all of our customers with an unforgettable safari experience. This is an experience that we believe begins even at the booking stage, so we thought it was time to give our website a complete makeover to make booking your dream safari a completely seamless experience.

If you are reading this post you will see that our revamped website is now up and running, and in this blog post we detail all the improvements that we have made to help you embark on a truly unforgettable safari experience with Image Travel.

A slick new look

As I’m sure you will have noticed, our website has undergone a complete makeover and now has an eye-catching new design. This has not only been done to evolve the Image Travel Brand, but also to make our services more accessible for our online visitors.

Our team have worked closely with an experienced digital marketing agency to ensure our new website structure allows for you to easily browse our website and find the perfect safari package for you.

Search an extensive range of stunning safari holidays

Fear not, as our wide variety of popular safari holidays and packages have not changed following our site upgrade. All our most loved safari getaways are still available to be booked via our website, and excitingly we are also constantly updating our safari list to provide customers with the broadest possible range of options.

In addition to this our new look website also has a new and improved filter functionality, that allows you to search our safari packages with maximum ease! Simply provide us with details on the country you would like to visit, the safari type you are seeking and how long you are wishing to get away for then we will provide a list of safari packages that are matched to your preferences.

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Make quick, secure and efficient payments

Thanks to the launch of our new look website, making payments for your dream safari getaway with Image Travel has never been easier. We are proud to be partnered with DPO and use their highly secure payment platform, therefore allowing us to accept credit cards, mobile and cross border payments.

Payments through DPO are highly secure, as the DPO payment platform has been built with state-of-the-art fraud management capabilities.

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East Africa is one of the world’s most unique and fascinating travel destinations, and here at Image Travel we believe that everyone should embark on an East African safari getaway at least once in their lifetime.

To find the perfect East Africa safari getaway, browse all of our safari packages.

Or if you would like to contact a dedicated member of the Image Travel team about any questions you may have about our services, please get in touch by completing our quick and simple online contact form.


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Welcome to the new look Image Travel website!